Nash Performance Training System, was created by the years of mentorship received from legendary coaches and guided by performance gains experienced personally as a 1st Round Draft pick and All-American SEC Wide Receiver, and  with displays of dominance durng the season like hauling in 76 receptions for 1,170 yards and 13 touchdowns- all of which still stand as single season records for UT. Marcus Nash, who is the master mind behind the creation and implementation of the Power Angle Progression™.  NPTS uses a centristic  based  programing approach to  performance concerning areas like the posterior chain along with uni-lateral de-loading and athletic  performance based on key elements which are utilized by Marcus and the coaching staff of FORGE Performance, ensuring the highest level of expectation is exceeded by all athletes.





NPTS has pin-pointed fundamental areas that demand to be honed and balanced to create, assist, and improve the trifecta of athleticism:  speed, strength, and power. The realization that  improvements could be made in the 40 yard dash thru production of power at the proper angles and with angular generated forces being applied to other combine testing protocols  for professional level athletes which then directly transfers to corrected movement patterns in high school athletes and beyond. With this experience accompanied with earning a first round draft selection, the foundation for NPTS was formed.

NPTS  teaches athletes how to identify that there is a weakness "FIRST" in any area of their performance and how to correct it, creating the opportunity for individuals to further their career as a competitive athlete with an edge.

 This attention to detail is what makes our training protocols ahead of the curve.  Not only do you get the benefit  NPTS but also, the human performance engineer that inspired this next level training system.


Nash and his NPTS has a unique player/coach experience that has been a phenomenal success at all levels of training and performance. Taking all of his experiences from his personal journey to one of the highest levels of sports and all  facets of the game, then applying them to NPTS has  been able to develop athletes  from the mentality, of there is always another way to gain a competitive edge.

Keep seeking the competitive edge

because there is always something to