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will you be respected or feared

Individual Based Training


Becoming a FORGE athlete is a very unique and different experience for each individual. The demands placed on your body will thrust you into situations not easily duplicated in other training facilities. FORGE offers extensive and result-oriented training programs for each and every player. You will become the best version of yourself, with the understanding, that no two athletes are alike. There is no one else, anywhere, exactly like you. 

Our facility "the  ANVIL"


Our facility is designed for one purpose only and equipped to create that unmatched performance.  Each athlete will experience the pleasure of leading industry equipment which enables them to focus on previously unmatched challenges.  We also serve as a product-testing facility because our thirst for the ever changing edge of performance never ends.  An overwhelming, contagious confidence envelopes you upon arrival and is shared during training.  This is where the demand for performance is unparalleled.  The "ANVIL" is the surface with which we hammer the limits of the body into greater performance.  The athlete is completely transformed, both mentally and physically, into a fierce competitor, at any level.


Players in the Field
Collegiate Competition
The complete evolution of the athlete happens when performance exceeds expectation. Preparation yields success. The highest level of performance becomes the athlete's single point focus and primary investment when fully engaged. That level of preparation begins as soon as the desire to compete for a college scholarship is matched with extensive training here at FORGE. Our athletes are the bar for the next level. Physically, mentally, socially and professionally.  FORGE athletes are the standard because they are prepared.
 Muscle Fiber Focus 

The primary purpose of muscle fibers is to control the physical forces moving through the body.  There is a predetermined amount of muscle fibers in each category of training.  The categories are fast twitch, slow twitch and (most important) intermediate muscle fibers.  Intermediate muscle fibers evolve from endurance-based development training.  A sprinter will convert intermediate fibers into a fast twitch and the power-lifter will convert intermediate fibers into a power producing slow twitch.  FORGE performance-based programing ensures the intermediate muscle fibers match the athlete’s targeted needs.    

 Core Strength

Core muscles enhance physical activity.  Core strength ignites a system of muscles surroundIng the torso, abdomen, lower back and hip region.  Specifically, the ever famous six-pack.  The benefit of core muscle strength is infinite when properly developed. 

Proper balance is another benefit of a well-trained core because the athlete’s center of gravity is stedfast and secure.  At FORGE the core muscles are strengthened through proper training.  It is the athlete’s responsibility to master the potential of the core, through discipline and determination. 

There is a choice that must be made: "Will you be respected or feared"

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